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When you work collaboratively towards a common goal, the solutions are creative and more on target, as each participant brings experience and perspective to the table
Halub Solutions, LLC is a member of the Alliance Consulting Group. Our customers benefit from this alliance by having access to experienced consultants offering expertise and strategies, resulting in creative solutions and value for your organization.

Alliance Consulting Group

About us - while our companies remain independent our affiliation enables our firms to; share consulting resources, implementation methodologies, product portfolio, and industry network; and broaden our geographic footprint.

Steve Egerer, Sales Force Specialist | Sales
www.SalesForceSpecialist.com, segerer@SalesForceSpecialist.com

Steve Egerer, Founder and Chief Sales Officer of SFS is an entrepreneur, business development strategist, sales force specialist and sales management/sales recruiter with an impressive track record. He has personally managed projects in sales organization design, sales force sizing and deployment and sales performance management.

Art Franco, iMOS, Inc. | Manufacturing, Turnaround & Business Systems
www.iMOS-Inc.com, afranco@iMOS-Inc.com

With a strong successful track record of process improvements, profit enhancements and company turnarounds in both growth-oriented and mature companies; iMOS is your go-to solution to assess, establish and implement business processes and systems. iMOS will develop and execute a plan to bridge business process with best practices and system applications, either to strengthen your existing organization or prepare it for sale.

Emily Barany, Emily Barany Consulting | Project Management
www.EmilyBarany.com, Emily@EmilyBarany.com

Emily Barany is the detail catcher. She organizes all of the pesky details, so projects can be completed on time and on budget. Emily manages timelines, tasks, budgets, and deliverables, allowing clients and collaborators to focus on achieving outcomes and measurable results.

Robert Shultz, Quote to Cash | Cash Management

Robert has extensive consulting experience assisting many organizations with improving cash operations and flows.

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(T)ogether, (E)veryone, (A)cheives, (M)ore...when you work collaboratively towards a common goal, solutions are creative and more aligned with desired outcomes as everyone brings their experience and perspective to the table.