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Value Added
Every situation provides us with an opportunity to learn. Mistakes represent our greatest learning opportunities. When organizations learn from mistakes, they transform themselves and create real value for their customers and shareholders. Value is created when experience is applied, an idea is shared and action is taken.
Value is different for each business partner. Our service approach with our business partners is constant, treating each business partner with respect, listening for understanding, building trust by identifying and creating sustainable solutions and reconnecting to ensure solutions are working as intended. At Halub Solutions, LLC we strive to support your consulting needs with solid recommendations that can be implemented.
Aric Baier, Area Production Control Manager, Silgan Containers

"David provided an insightful analysis of various warehouse management system providers comparing functionality, application (SaaS, ASP or Onsite install) and company profile. This information was useful in understanding alternatives and making us aware of best in class approaches."

Results - understanding of how the company's current warehouse management system measures up to what is available currently in the market place

David Kretschmer, Senior Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer, WellPoint, Inc.

"David is an incredibly customer focused and dedicated professional. During the time he reported to me he strengthen controls, solved for new accounting pronouncements and created solutions to allow us to grow and diversify our portfolio without audit exception. David managed and developed best in class processes which we used when integrating acquired companies. David is a tireless worker who will get the job done."

Results -  supported investment portfolio growth from $3B to $15B, scaled STAT/TAX/GAAP financial reporting growth from 3 to 25 legal entities, led 3 investment accounting process conversions, managed 6 investment accounting process integrations from mergers and acquisitions, implemented Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and FAS 133, managed 2 treasury workstations implementations, reduced monthly close time from 10 to 3 days

Jim Ardell, Vice President, Corporate Real Estate and Chief Procurement Officer, WellPoint, Inc.

"David is a strategic thinker and creative problem solver. Many of his ideas were implemented to solve for various administrative expense reduction initiatives. David's leadership and support helped to transform the Chief Financial Officer function resulting in, a best in class operation and a significant reduction in run rate spend for the company."

Results - $66M reduction in run rate spend

George J. Petersen, Professor and Dean, California Lutheran University

"David is a role model in working with people. Our work together involved engaging parents, community members and young people. His gracious and positive attitude, calm demeanor and thoughtfulness helped to foster meaningful relationships with people and demonstrated what it means to be a mentor and colleague."

Results - meaningful Little League experience for players, parents and coaches

During times of change, sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude. By remaining positive and focusing your energy, you can make a difference. The difference between success and failure is not giving up.
Every situation provides us with an opportunity to learn. Mistakes are our greatest learning opportunities. Many organizations learn from mistakes, through transforming themselves and create real value for their customers and shareholders. Value is created when experience is applied, an idea is shared and action is taken.